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Learn About Our Professional Excavation Services

CAP Excavating Inc. has consistently delivered quality earthwork and demolition services in Boulder County and the surrounding Colorado area since 1989. We attribute our longevity to the quality of work performed by our experienced personnel and the services we give to our clients. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction is reflected in our sustained growth over the years. CAP Excavating Inc. prides itself on the ability to be flexible to our client’s needs, allowing us to switch gears and adjust our focus to consistently accommodate our customers’ requirements.

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Our Vision

CAP Excavating Inc. is a successful and sustainable company with employees who take pride in satisfying the needs of diverse customers. We intend to provide our customers with the best experience possible in the process of satisfying all their earthwork and demolition needs.

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Our Mission

With the highest quality standards, knowledge, and experience, CAP Excavating Inc. is passionate about respecting the value of each customer and their investment towards structural improvement for their earthwork needs.

Company Profile

Since 1989, when Kevin Braly founded the company, CAP Excavating has satisfied many diverse customers and has adapted to the changing needs of the growing area. In this growth, CAP has participated in many different areas of trade, including:

  • Residential Foundation and Utility Work

  • Commercial Business Site Repair and Utility Work

  • City Utility Installations

  • School Site Repair and Utility Work

  • River Rehab

  • Oil Field Site Work and Maintenance

  • Trucking

  • Heavy Equipment Operations

  • Large Foundation Excavations Include Residential, Condos, Apartments, Underground Garages, and so on.

  • Road Repair

  • Retaining Wall Assembly

  • Fundraiser Events, Sporting Events That Require Heavy Equipment

CAP Excavating Inc. continues to grow knowledge in the trade to meet the satisfying needs of our customers.

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Green Initiative

CAP Excavating Inc. has taken the initiative to be as friendly to the environment as possible. In accomplishing that, CAP continues to update to newer and improved equipment that operates in Tier 4 Emissions. Not only does this help in the efforts of cleaner emissions, but it also helps our contractors earn points in Clean Construction towards LEED Certified Building.

Not all equipment that CAP uses is owned by CAP. To ensure that the equipment used on your project is efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly, CAP uses local companies that take pride in the same green initiative using environmentally friendly machinery.